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Citizens for Truth


Overview Elevate a narrative focused on the truth around drug pricing, drug makers abuses and generate content to present to Congressional membership. The Numbers Overall our ads achieved a 6.82% CTR with nearly 1 million engagements in social media. The campaign reached over 6 million [...]

Citizens for Truth2022-12-21T23:52:08+00:00

Salvation Army


Overview We were asked to grow support for the annual Salvation Army ‘Red Kettle’ holiday giving campaign, enhancing brand loyalty across a range of target audiences. The Numbers We served over 1MM ads to a Salvation Army modelled ‘giving audiences’ that reached 416,894 Facebook users, driving [...]

Salvation Army2022-12-21T23:50:27+00:00

Richard Nixon Library


Overview Over a year of being shut down as a result of COVID-19 and State mandates, the NLM needed to find a way to re-engage potential visitors and bring them back to the museum. In addition to increasing foot traffic, they aimed to capture first-party data for future marketing opportunities. [...]

Richard Nixon Library2022-12-20T18:49:26+00:00

Birchrun Hills Farm


Overview A2P launched its A2P Local Program in May of 2020 to help combat the economic impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The goal was to donate our team’s time and expertise to promote family-run businesses by targeting local audiences, ensuring sustained business output for our selected partners. One such business was Birchrun Hills [...]

Birchrun Hills Farm2022-12-20T19:22:05+00:00

My Pay My Say


Overview The Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s MyPayMySay initiative provides support and educational resources to public sector workers who would like to opt out of their unions. With the support of A2P’s integrated digital and field operations, the initiative uses targeted social media advertising, email, text messages and phone calls to inform workers of [...]

My Pay My Say2022-12-20T19:16:30+00:00

Job Creators Network


Overview In 2020, the Job Creators Network launched a campaign to increase conservative turnout in ten key battleground states. A2P was hired by JCN to identify existing ‘policy priorities’ within the target audience that would prevent maximum turnout. Through website traffic data, A2P was able to apply advanced analytics and develop specific voter profiles [...]

Job Creators Network2022-12-20T19:21:00+00:00

Better Future Michigan


Overview During the 2020 election cycle, A2P launched the Better Future Michigan Campaign to assist John James in his U.S. Senate race. The objective of the Better Future Michigan Campaign was to expose James' main opponent, Gary Peters, as a career politician who had been receiving pensions from taxpayer dollars in the state of [...]

Better Future Michigan2022-12-20T18:50:18+00:00

Chip Neiman


Overview During his run for the Wyoming House of Representative, Chip Neiman hired A2P to manage the digital strategy for his insurgency campaign in the GOP primary. Up against fierce competition, his opponent was a four term incumbent, the majority whip in the WY House of Representatives, and had defeated his last primary [...]

Chip Neiman2022-12-20T19:14:49+00:00

When is it the right time to sell your company?


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When is it the right time to sell your company?2016-08-03T08:38:06+00:00
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