A2P launched its A2P Local Program in May of 2020 to help combat the economic impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The goal was to donate our team’s time and expertise to promote family-run businesses by targeting local audiences, ensuring sustained business output for our selected partners. One such business was Birchrun Hills Farm, based outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Deeply impacted by the closure of local restaurants purchasing their high-quality cheese, Birchrun Hills Farm needed new ways to reach new direct-to-consumer customers safely and effectively. A2P began creating and delivering ads to local audiences that would be the most receptive to products offered by Birchrun Hills Farm. The new marketing stream, alongside the hard work of the Miller family, opened new opportunities for Birchrun Hills Farm. The Farm was not only able to sustain its pre-Covid anticipated business output but actually exceeded their 2020 revenue projections.

The Numbers

  • 300,000 A2P’s digital campaign reached a modeled audience of digital users likely to become customers
  • 5.87% of those seeing the ads were driven to take an action, including making a purchase from the company website
  • 15,000 individual website visits during the campaign, an increase from a few hundred visits previously

The Impact

Working closely with A2P, Birchrun Hills Farm developed, and then promoted, a range of new marketing concepts combining social media engagement and direct e-commerce marketing, including virtual cheese tastings, and home delivery. The A2P Local Program reflects the wider A2P methodology and its ability to deliver significant results on localized issues and smaller budgets.