In 2020, the Job Creators Network launched a campaign to increase conservative turnout in ten key battleground states. A2P was hired by JCN to identify existing ‘policy priorities’ within the target audience that would prevent maximum turnout. Through website traffic data, A2P was able to apply advanced analytics and develop specific voter profiles that best identified these existing issues along geographic and demographic metrics. This then allowed JCN to deploy specialized messaging that best addressed specific policy issues to turn out more voters.

The Numbers

  • 215,000 people within the target audience were redirected to the JCN landing page.
  • 6.56% average click-through rate (6 times higher than industry average CTR).
  • 27 Million people reached across ten states during the campaign.
  • 4 Million engagements on social media, including peer-to-peer content sharing.

The Solution

In order to accomplish the client’s goal, A2P helped the Job Creators Network utilize their existing digital assets to reach target voters and drive traffic back to their main landing page. After message testing, A2P adjusted the language of the Job Creators Network digital ads to better encapsulate JCNs goal of preserving previously established policy. Furthermore, in order to drive maximum clicks, A2P used advanced analytics via collected survey data and digital footprints to identify additional target audiences, including those predicted most ‘likely to vote’ and those ‘unlikely to vote’. As a result of the audience analysis and targeted call to action in the digital ads, A2P drove over 215,000 people to the Job Creators Network website, while also generating 4 million engagements on social media. A2P solutions generated a click through rate of 6.56%, more than six times the Facebook average.